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Millions of routine microbiological analysis are carried out on a daily basis. Most common objects of study are biological liquids, milk, meat, poultry, food products, cosmetics, clinical samples and swabs. Traditional methods of microbiological assay are time and labour consuming. As a result, they are much overdue and not accurate enough. Metrologically accurate digital microbiological tests are key issue and a real challenge for microbiological control in food industry and medicine. 

BioTF technology allows to measure viable microorganisms count in real time. Measurement is fully automated, which makes it possible to obtain accurate results fast.  BioTF instrument and its software applications were created for different areas of rapid microbiological control and are available for a wide user range. 


BioTF Technology  allows to obtain  accurate results in real time instead of days in traditional methods. BioTF automates microbiological measurement eliminating sample dilution, culture media preparation, plate pouring,  colonies  counting. As a  result, related operator errors are excluded. In BioTF procedure test results appear automatically in the protocol in digital metrological format. Measurement, evaluation and calculation data are stored on PC and are available on request.

Concentration of the microorganisms is their growth probability in culture media, in given temperature range, time and nutrients concentration. It is important to be aware of the fact that only a small share of the total microbial count will grow on culture media compared to total amount of viable microorganisms in a sample. BioTF method allows to estimate the total number of the viable microorganisms due to its innovative approach to this routine microbiological assay.


Metrology in Microbiology 

The ability of microorganisms to constantly change their weight during their life cycle makes standard metrological methods or criteria inapplicable to microbial assay. More than that, chemical and physical properties of a sample containing microorganisms change in accordance with its microbial life cycle. 

Colony Forming Unit (CFU) is used to estimate viable microbial count in a sample. Unfortunately, CFU does not represent microbial count completely because microorganisms grow in micro-colonies and aggregates. Microbial aggregate, which represents one single CFU, could consist of hundreds of cells. This might be the reason why CFU results do not correlate with microbial weight in grams. BioTF technology introduces the International System of Units into microbiology as it allows to measure the real weight of microorganisms in grams. MPN method is used to convert BioTF test results in different systems of microbial count. 

BioTF method was accredited as an international standard method for microbiological control in dairy and poultry industries: 

In 2017 TMC Rapid Test Expert on BioTF Instrument was accredited as an international standard test for microbiological express-control in poultry GOST 7702.2.1-2017.

 In 2018 Raw Milk Microbial Count Rapid Test Start onBioTF Instrument was accredited as an international standard  test GOST 34472-2018.

BioTF technology gives most accurate picture of a current microbial situation of an object in study in terms of microbial concentration.





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