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VideoTF software is designed to work with turbidofluorimeter and macrospectrometer based on a high-resolution video camera. The software allows to set various user modes, which include selecting the light source, its intensity and the mode of the thermostat heating. VideoTF allows to select image area for spectral analysis and specify spectral channels for dynamic registration, select their intensity and sensitivity.

The program collects complex dynamic data from all listed sources and records it for later analysis.

               The VideoTF program allows to develop new applications, the number of which is continuously increasing due to an open measuring platform and a wide range of analytical capabilities. 

   VideoTF program controls main components of the turbidofluorimeter BioTF:

  • intensity adjustment and LED light sources switching on/off: red (A), green (C), blue (D);

  • thermostat, which maintains the sample temperature in the range from +27 to +43 °C;

  • two highly sensitive photodiode channels;

  • macrospectrometer with the function of specifying the research area;

Main window contains the plotting area, the temperature scale, the list of data sources for the experiment, the video camera image area, the LED control elements and buttons for quick access to the main functions.

Menu commands and key shortcuts

Program menu:

  • File

    • Open CSV... — open the data file for viewing as a graph.

    • Export to CSV... — save the experiment results in a CSV file.

    • Exit

  • Experiment

    • Start - starts reading data from the instrument and displaying values on the graph.

    • Stop - stops reading data from the instrument.

    • Settings - opens the application settings window.

  • Areas

    • Add area - adds a new area of the video camera image analysis

    • Delete area - deletes an area of the video camera image analysis.

    • Save areas... — allows to save the settings of image analysis areas in a file.

    • Download areas... — allows to download the settings of image analysis areas from a previously saved file.

  • Reference

    • Content - opens a reference about the program.

    • About the program... - displays a window of information on the VideoTF program.

Some menu functions are duplicated in the form of buttons in the lower half of the window.

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