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Heat Treatment Efficiency Test

Rapid evaluation of milk heat treatment efficiency based alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity  as an indicator of proper milk heat treatment. ALP activity is measured by kinetic method in biochemical reaction of hydrolysis of phosphate which is present in non-fluorescent substrate by ALP. As a result of hydrolysis non-fluorescent substrate transforms into its fluorescent form. The specific rate of fluorescence is proportional to ALP activity. ALP application registers the dynamics of fluorescence, calculates  numerical value of ALP activity and estimates the efficiency of  heat treatment process.


1. Add 1.0 ml of 10-fold serial milk dilution in Ringer solution into a test tube with reagent and vortex it thoroughly


2. Place the test-tube with the sample and reagent into BioTF Instrument. Select ALP app and click the green button.


3. When the measurement is completed, the result in mU/l and pasteurization efficiency report will appear on the screen automatically.

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