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Total Microbial Count Rapid Test (Expert).

In 2017 TMC Rapid Test Expert on BioTF instrument was accredited as an international standard test for microbiological express-control in poultry GOST 7702.2.1-2017.

Test Expert carries out Total Microbial Count (TMC) real time measurement. Micro test-tubes contain multi-component fluorescence probe, which starts to fluoresce when interacting with microorganisms. The increment of fluorescent products in time is propotional to microbial activity. TMC is calculated automatically.

1A. Use an applicator to carry out swab sampling, place the swab into the test tube with culture media and stir well.

2. Place the test tube with reagent and sample  into BioT , select Expert app and click the green  button to start the  measurement 


3. When the measurement is completed, test results and the report will appear on the screen automatically

1Б.Prepare 10-fold sample dilution in appropriate media. Add 1.2 ml of the 10-fold dilution into the test-tube with reagent.

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