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Microbiological control of milk and dairy products

Microbiological control of  Pasteurized and UHT Milk (PAST).


Micro test-tubes contain multi-component fluorescence probe, which starts to fluoresce when interacting with microorganisms. The increment of fluorescent products in time is propotional to microbial activity. TMC is calculated automatically.

BioTF instrument makes it possible to analyse 30 samples per hour.  Pasteurized milk and UHT milk analysis takes 60 minutes.

This method allows to detect singular microbial cells that do not grow on culture media but can cause milk spoilage.

1. Prepare the milk sample according to PAST procedure and place it into a thermostat for 60 min 

2. Put the test-tube with the sample and reagents into BioTF instrument and close the lid tightly. Press the green button to start the measurement. 

3. When the measurement is completed, protocol table and experiment results will appear on the screen automatically. 


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