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Rapid Hygiene Control.

Protein Residue Amount Measurement Test PRO

Rapid Hygiene Control test PRO is highly sensitive and gives replicable results which makes it possible to establish critical limits in critical control points to estimate efficiency of hygiene control in food industry according to HACCP plan. Test Pro can also be used to determine allergens presence in a sample, because almost all allergens are of protein nature. If the test shows that protein concentration in a sample is lower than a certain limit, it means that it is allergen free. If is is higher, further allergen tests are needed. Pro is based on protein residue amount measurement with protein concentration in the range of 0.3-30 ppm. Turbidofluorimeter BioTF registers the intensity of fluorescence which is caused by specific interaction of protein with fluorogenic substrate. PRO software application calculates protein concentration and estimates the efficiency of hygienic measures according to critical limits using Pass/Fail system.

1. Carry out swab sampling, place the swab into the swab test tube and stir well. Add the swab liquid into PRO test tube with reagent.

2. Place the test tube with the sample and reagent into BIoTF instrument and click the green button to start the measurement.

3.When the measurement is completed, the result will appear in the protocol on the screen automatically

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