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Microbilogy of milk and dairy products

Simultaneous Assay of Microbial Growth Inhibitors and Total Microbial Count in Milk. 

Micro test-tubes contain multi-component fluorescence probe, which starts to fluoresce when interacting with microorganisms. The increment of fluorescent products  in time is propotional to microbial activity. The presence of microbial growth inhibitors lows microbial activity. TMC and inhibition degree are calculated automatically according to the growth dynamics.


1. Place the test-tube with a sample and reagents into BioTF instrument, close the lid tightly. Select INST app and click the green button to start the measurement.

2.When you hear a repeating beep sound, take the test-tube with the sample out of BioTF instrument and add 0.1 ml of INST indicator test-culture. Click the button to continue the measurement.

3. TMC and inhibition degree will appear on the screen automatically. 

Microbial growth inhibitors are substances that lower the rate of microbial growth and activity.

They are chemicals, products of microbial metabolism and viruses.

The most typical inhibitors are:

Antibiotics and other medicaments,

Detergents and disinfectants (sodium dodecyl sulfate, hydrogen peroxide, acetic hydroperoxide),

Neutralising substances (sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia),

Preservatives (hydrogen peroxide, formalin),

Pesticides and insecticides,


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