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BioTF software is designed for control and monitoring of the turbidofluorimeter measuring platform. It consists of the BioTF program and a set of software applications.  The software application is a measurement procedure formalized in a special programming language. The BioTF program controls measurement, illumination, temperature, collects and processes data in accordance with the application algorithm.

Main Window

Main window contains:

  • Bar of the program’s main menu;

  • Current information bar, which the operator fills with data on the sample under study; 

  • Information bar areas for displaying the current calculated values of measured parameters;

  • Information bars and results of previous measurements;

  • Plotting area;

  • Button for launching the software application (round, green);

  • Information bar with measurement time counter;


Program menu:

  • File

    • New - creation of a new research protocol table;

    • Open - open the previous research report for viewing and printing;

    • Save - save the current table of the research protocol;

    • Save as - save the current table with a new name;

    • Print - print the table form of the research protocol and save it as a PDF file;

    • Exit from the BioTF program;

  • Application – corresponds to a measurement procedure.

    • – measurement of the sample turbidity;

    • – measurement of the sample fluorescence;

  • Experiment

    • Start - start of the application

    • Stop - emergency interruption of the application

    • Settings - opens the program settings window (it includes the organization’s name, the operator’s number or name, language of the interface, as well as data on the instrument).

  • Reference

    • Content - opens a reference about the program.

    • About the program... - displays a window of information on the BioTF program.


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